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Hello, fellow humans! I am a nerd who spends most of their time drawing and playing video games. I enjoy worldbuilding and doodling OCs in my spare time.I'm primarily a digital artist, using Clip Studio Paint and an XP-Pen 16.Check out all my accounts up top, but I most frequently post to Newgrounds, Twitter, and Tumblr.As far as gaming goes, I'm a sucker for Pokemon, Mario, Kirby, and most 2D iterations of Sonic. My favorite games include Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast, and Legacy of the Wizard on the NES.If you'd like to support me, check out my Commissions, a Ko-fi, a Patreon (it's got videos and brushes!), and a Redbubble.


Need to Knows:

♦️ Payment is through Paypal, currency is USD.
♦️ I won't draw until after receiving payment.
♦️ Average turnaround atm is a few days - 2 weeks.
♦️ Humans = Humanoids > Furries >> Anthros = Animals
♦️ I keep commercial rights.
♦️ No creation of NFTs based off my artwork or any portion of it.
♦️ I won't draw NSFW/Gore/Hateful works.
♦️ I generally do not offer WIPs because of my messy iterative process but if you'd like to request an update, feel free. If I need to pause mid-process for a day or two, updates may be previewed on my Trello. Any significant updates for the day will be posted by 11pm EST.

♦️♦️♦️ Full ToS ♦️♦️♦️


  • Humanoids + Furries.

  • Dynamic/Dramatic Shading

  • Bright Colors

  • Natural Backgrounds

❌Won't Draw

  • Gore/R18-explicit images

  • Some ferals (includes things like horses, just ask!)

  • Racist/Hateful themes

  • Blacklisted fanart: includes Homestuck, Blizzard properties, TAZ podcast, Roosterteeth, Sanrio, Disney etc (Fan OCs may be an exception, at my discretion.)

All images posted publicly are watermarked and may be cropped for safety; all buyers receive a higher-resolution image with a very small unobtrusive watermark and a copy of the watermarked version that will be shared publicly. Please only post the watermarked versions to public sites.If you're interested in me doing other things for you, please feel free to contact me with an inquiry! I'll have no problems working on an adjusted style (ie: lineart, loose sketches instead of a full picture for my colored sketches, etc etc), or if you like to work within a particular budget.Please PM me the form on Toyhouse, Furaffinity, or reach to me on my email! If I fail to reply within a few days, I might've missed your message or your email was sent to spam; If you're on any social media I'm on, feel free to drop a ping or comment and I can dig it up. Please don't message me on Deviantart.Please fill out this form when you message me, with the subject title Commission InquiryName: --- (Username I should mention when crediting you)Email: (for Paypal invoices)Commission type: ---Refs: (1-3 fullbody clean colored reference images. Local color preferred over shaded images.)Info: (Please summarize the character's basic personality, common mood, how they are socially, etc. If this is a piece between two or more characters, please summarize their interactions, too!)Setting: (Only applicable to options with backgrounds. Can be anything like- vague: “front of a cafe”, a real place: “San Fran streets”, or links to photos or screencaps. I will not copy the references given but they will be used for inspiration for an original composition)Notes: (Anything to note, like "refrain from posting until x day", if you'd like specific credits on a site, or even missable details on your character)

Simple Chibi

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Colored, little to no shading. Basic chibis who are simplified. Some heavy details may be dropped.
$20 per character

Fancy Chibi

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Slightly taller chibis. Most, if not all detail is kept. Shading options available. Please specify flats, cel shaded, or soft shading.
More Info / Options
Colored Fullbody: $35
Shaded (Cel or Soft) Fullbody: $50


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Headshots to fullbodies. Much, much cleaner than the sketches or speedpaint options. Backgrounds currently not available.
**Headshots - Flats: $35, Shaded: $45 **
**Waist-Up - Flats: $45, Shaded: $60 **
Fullbody: - Flats: $65, Shaded: $100

Colored Sketches & Speedpaints

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Colored sketches' and Speedpaint’s refining amount is based on the amount of characters and the settings given. I go very quick unless a lot of perspective work is needed. I highly recommend at least an hour per character. Please note how many hours you'd like to order when filling the form.
$25 per hour

Example Timeframes:Main image -4 hour pair
1 hour pair1 hour single2 hour single
2 hour pair3 hour pair3 hour pair
4 hour single4 hour pair8 hour quintet


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Drawn dot by dot. Prices/sizes may vary.
**Up to 100 x 100 px: $25 **
**Up to 200 x 200 px: $45 **
Pagedoll over 40k pixels total: $70+
Small animations: +25%
GB/NES Screencap: $100+

Featured Art

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Just a page for my best efforts and personal favorite art!
Some of these were published in zines; some are also art prints.


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1.5" buttons sold for $2 each. You'll find an assortment of fanart, bad puns, and legend-inspired pins. Also beans.
To the left is my display, a t-shirt with them all in action, below are newer pins, pins sold in sets, and also closer shots.


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2"-3" stickers, for a whopping $1 each. Easy pickings for pocket change. Mostly fanart, OCs, and a little bit of hobby-related inspirations.
You can check out the full sticker book here!


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Prints are either tabloid or postcard sized! I have my selection of mini-prints shown here and the large ones are in their own book, their walkthrough is here!